A DEEPER WALK is a series of selected Bible Topics and Commentaries. The series is intended to be a Tool to Assist in the Study of the Bible. If you have a photographic memory and can comprehend what you have read by reading it once, you may not find A DEEPER WALK is a useful tool. On the other hand, If you are among those of us that can read a passage of scripture and then find it difficult to explain what you have just read, you are the perfect candidate for
















The book that started it all was Kens Notes For Christians. In an attractive, durable hard-shell binder; you will love the first book that inspired A Deeper Walk.

KEN’S NOTES FOR CHRISTIANS is for Serious Students

Kens Notes for Christians

that want a book that has all the Bible Topics and Commentaries

that are included in A Deeper Walk, but in a Workbook Format

with the following Features and Benefits:

  1. Space for Notes on every page
  2. Three Ring Binder for Adding Replacing and Copying Pages
  3. Pockets for Pen and Pencils.
  4. Sturdy Construction to keep the pages intact.
  5. Space for Storing a Laptop or Tablet

                        The KEN’S NOTES FOR CHRISTIANS Workbook is perfect for

                        the Seminary Student and people in Bible Study Classes.



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