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Searching For A Better Understanding Of Major Bible Topics

A DEEPER WALK is a series of selected Bible Topics and Commentaries. The series is intended to be a Tool to Assist in the Study of the Bible. If you have a photographic memory and can comprehend what you have read by reading it once, you may not find A DEEPER WALK a useful tool. On the other hand, If you are among those of us that can read a passage of scripture and then find it difficult to explain what you have just read, you are the perfect candidate for A DEEPER WALK.

A DEEPER WALK is NOT the following: 1.) A New Interpretation of the Bible; 2.) A Short Cut in place of Reading and Studying the Whole Bible; 3.) A Book by Book analysis of the Bible; 4.) A Cult formed after a Revelation from God; and 5.) A Speed Reading technique. (It is just the Opposite.)

A DEEPEER WALK IS the following: A useful Tool for Explaining difficult passages of The Bible and gaining a Deeper Understanding of GOD’s Word.

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